Product Code: CAFFO1

Blend Name: Fortissima

Composition: Blend of Arabica and Robusta Origins

Origins: Selected Origins from Central and South America, Africa and Asia

Aroma and Taste: Full bodied Aroma and taste, creamy and thick texture

Roast: Average

Packaging: 1 Kg bag, 6 Kg pack

Description of the roasting process:

Green coffee beans purchasing: Selection and purchase of green beans from the producers.

First Cleaning: Vibrating an pneumatic filters remove all solids from the green beans (lighter than green beans).

Decaffeinization: Not applicable.

Green beans storage: Green beans are stocked in silos.

Blending: The blend is composed by mixing the origins chosen for its preparation.

Roasting: Roasting the blend at the correct degree.

De-stoning: Vacuum cleaning of all residual impurities (heavier than roasted coffee).

Tasting: Visual and sensory analysis of samples of the blend.

Packing: After the correct seasoning (0 to 48 hours), coffee is packed in the best way to preserve the blend’s characteristics.

Delivery: Delivery to our customers.

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