Memories of the Past

Bottega_engCaffè Ottolina was established by Giulio Ottolina in 1948. He was a refined connoisseur, and he’s the creator of most of the excellent espresso coffee blends that are still available today. Giulio started what is now known as a micro roaster, a small shop roasting for coffee lovers, selected bars and local cafeterias. The shop was located in the center of Milan, and when in the ‘60s his son Remo joined the business, the commercial activity slowly expanded to customers all around the city of Milan. In the ‘90s Remo’s sons, Fabio and Stefano, contributed to a further expansion of the Company through the opening of new markets, both in Italy and abroad, and the acquisition of some local competitors. In the last few years Caffè Ottolina invested significant resources in expanding and upgrading its plants and structure, increasing the output capability and improving its high quality standards.

Reality of the Present

Thanks to the advanced technologies and the consistent upgrading of our plants, Caffè Ottolina is today one of the major roasters of Milan, directly serving more than 800 coffee shops and restaurants, and supplying his products to several major restaurant chains around the world. More than 60 years of experience are helping us to efficiently deal with a rapidly evolving world. Our progress has always been carried out with the utmost attention to quality and tradition; some of our blends still preserve the characteristics and flavor of special gourmet coffees that today are quite difficult to find.

Challenges of the Future

From the small retail shop in downtown Milan we moved (and enlarged) twice: a continuous upgrading process has kept us on the brink of new production technologies, and we are planning to expand to new markets, always committing to quality and excellence.