Training and professional equipment

All our customers have access to a series of services dedicated to coffee professionals:

Coffee Training: In our in-house training center we provide training at two stages: level one is for beginners and deals with the basics of Espresso coffee and Equipment knowledge; level two is for advanced professionals willing to learn Latte Art and the preparation of espresso based drinks. Training is performed by Masters in the Art of Espresso, fully qualified by AICAF.

Equipment: We entertain excellent relationships with all the leading Espresso equipment manufacturers, offering the best for brewing your blends: grinders, coffee machines and other accessories will have no more secrets for you.

Technical Services: Our own internal service and the network of cooperation with the technical departments of all the main Espresso equipment manufacturers ensure that you will always have a helping hand on whatever equipment we supply.

Private Labels: A customization of our products, including packaging and accessories can be provided upon request, even for small volumes, if in doubt just ask for more information.

Εxclusive representative in Greece