Our raw material

We source our origins amongst the best ones you can find in the market. Suppliers are selected and constantly reviewed on the basis of the quality of their products, their harvesting techniques and the sustainability of their operations.

We have been importing green beans for more than 60 years, so our experience is a guarantee in the selection of the best suppliers.

filari_eng Coffee plants only grow in the tropical region of our planet, and we import from at least 15 different countries, sourcing rare and seldom used origins, in order to give our blends a unique character.

The expertise of our coffee tasters assures a consistent quality of our products.

The ancient art of roasting coffee

Roasted coffee in the cooling pan

Roasted coffee in the cooling pan

Here’s where tradition and technology come to meet.

The chemical analysis that we effectuate on all the incoming coffee beans, the cleaning procedures carried out via two air filters before and after roasting and a careful analysis of critical control points in the production process (HACCP) ensure that we fully meet and exceed both Italian and European regulations requirements, and we operate under the strict control of the local health authorities.

Our plant

Our plant

Slow roasting (12 to 18 minutes according to the origins you are blending in order to achieve the requested degree of roasting) gives the best results, delicately and uniformly roasting the bean to the optimum stage. Although the cycle follows strictly programmed parameters, our Master Roaster is always monitoring the process, eventually overriding the automatic controls in accordance with his experience and trained eye. The consistency of the product is guaranteed by frequent sampling of the finished product.

During the roasting process, the coffee looses an average of 20% of its weight. The roaster drum is opened and the coffee drops into an air cooler. Once cooled, our roasted coffee is then cleaned again before being sent to the destination silos.

How to preserve coffee freshness

To ensure that the coffee gets to our clients in its best conditions, we always roast and pack on demand, using the most advanced technology to seal our coffee in Nitrogen protected atmosphere, thus preventing contact between coffee and air which would oxidize the beans corrupting their aroma.

Our bags are provided with a one-way valve, allowing the CO2 released by the beans to be expelled, but preventing any contamination from the air outside.

Bags can be custom printed by an inline marker, and after sealing they are sent to a wrapping machine to form easy to handle 6 Kg packages. Our distributors receive coffee and other goods in carefully assembled pallets.

The “real espresso” procedure

No matter how you like your Espresso, you will always need a perfect preparation in order to enjoy your coffee. Some simple advice will help you to get the best from your preferred blend. Always remember that brewing is at least as important as selecting the right beans, careful blending and proper roasting. All of these stages lead to the quality you are expecting to find in your cup.

First of all you have to select the right blend for you: some blends are sweeter, some are stronger, some are more acidic, some are bitter, depending on the origins that were chosen to create it. The roasting degree also matters: while darker blends are less acidic and stronger in body, lighter ones tend to be more delicate and possibly sweeter.

Next, choose your equipment carefully: professional espresso coffee machines and grinders are way better than the domestic ones. Be sure that your grinder is correctly set, your machine is warm and you’ll get the best out of your blend. Your cup needs to be warm as well and its shape should be narrow and deep, rather than wide and open. This helps maintaining the crema thick, the coffee warm and the flavors consistent.